Ismayilov Yahyehon Umar Coals, OOO "Glass System"

I am very grateful for this master class that you conducted. It was very informative. I learned and noticed a lot for myself. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the CEED Bulgaria and the Association for the Development of Business Logistics. Thanks to all the organizers. I was satisfied. I will be glad to attend your trainings.



I also want to say a big thank you to the organizers for the master class, it was useful for everyone I think. For more such master classes to improve skills and cooperation. And many thanks to Igor.



Thank you for organizing the seminar. And for inviting European experts in the field of logistics. I think that our knowledge and experience will help us in the future develop logistics in Uzbekistan


Isamitdinov Islom, manager of "DIBO shoes".

Hurmatli training katnashchilari wa tashkilotchilari sizlarga ties minnatdorchiligimmi bildirib kolaman.Zhudayam kup malumotlar oldik fikrlar almashdik.Mana Bundala treninglar biz Tadbirkor ishblarmonlar saviyasini yanada oshiradi.Trening katnashchilari Dostoni munosabati manga zhudayam okti.Hammani yuzida Tabassum yanada Bu bir biriga Ishonch hurmatni anglatadi.Kelazhakda yanada scat shunga uhshash "master class" lar bulza zur bulardi. Tashkilotchilarga alohida minnatdorchilik bildiraman.Igor sizgayam alohida rahmat rimlar eastalik bulib koldi.

Zulfiya Abilova

For me, the course "Transport Logistics" was very useful. Since I am a beginner in this field, it was important for me that the theory was backed up by practical examples and solutions to problems. I am glad that in one course all types of transport logistics as well as customs procedures were covered. All lectures were conducted by specialists with many years of experience and extensive experience in their areas. Since the main number of listeners were practices with experience, their discussions helped to more easily and more proficiently master every information. In general, I want to say that the lectures were very useful and even funny places)). Separately, I express my gratitude to the organizers of the courses, which throughout the entire time provided the necessary information and materials. Nadirochka, thank you very much))