Kariev Khafiz Hamidovich

Professional information: Kariev Khafiz Khamidovich, during his professional career, held various managerial positions in production, economy and insurance. He worked in such large companies as:
• JSC "Uzelektroterm"
• NEIIC "Uzbekinvest"
• Insurance company "Oil Insurance Company" (Kazakhstan).
• Insurance company KAPITAL SUG'URTA
• Insurance company «TEMIRYO'L-SUG'URTA»
Also has a wide experience of teaching. Collaborated with various companies as an independent teacher and consultant.
Leading auditor of quality management systems according to ISO 9001: 2008.

• Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in 1979, qualification "Engineer-physicist", specialization "Dosimetry and protection from ionizing radiation"
• Leningrad Political Science Institute in 1991, qualification "Sociologist", specialization "Teacher of Socio-Political Disciplines in Universities"
• Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) - School of Insurance Business in 2004, specialization "Underwriter - Director of Insurance".
International training: Training seminar on life insurance "FALIA" (Tokyo, Japan) in 2000.

• an article in the journal "Insurance business" No. 11-2004.
• articles in the newspapers "Birzhevoy Vestnik Vostoka" and "Pula, Bozor, Credit" in 2002-2006.
• Medal for the 15th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan "For Contribution to the Development of Uzbekistan"
Successful projects:
• Voluntary insurance of employers' liability
• Liability Insurance for Owners of Hazardous Production Facilities (GCO) within the railway industry
• Insurance of cargo auto transportations on the pass "KAMCHIK"
• Insurance of high-speed train «TALGO-250»